What does Fabretto add to a child’s life?

The best way to find out is to talk to our students. We sat down with Leidy, a spunky primary student from the town of Ocotal, who shared a few things she’s gained from Fabretto of primary education programs.

1. A FULL DAY OF LEARNING: “If we weren’t in enrichment classes we would be at home doing nothing," said Leidy. While the average Nicaraguan public school day averages just 4 hours long, she and her classmates are at Fabretto's Education Center participating in meaningful activities in the afternoon.

2. PERSONAL ATTENTION: “When I started enrichment classes I was horrible at math," Leidy confessed. "But," she continued, "with help from my after-school teacher, I've gotten so much better.” Fabretto after-school classes offer students like Adriana critical educational support to ensure that they master the basics and succeed in school.

3. CONFIDENCE: “We aren’t shy to talk to a group of people anymore, since in enrichment classes we present our work a lot,” said Leidy. The student-centered methodology used in Fabretto classes is distinct from typical lecture-style classes in public schools. This approach empowers children like Leidy to become confident communicators.

4. LOVE OF READING: “I already have 5 pages of library borrowing cards filled out with books I’ve borrowed,” Leidy beamed. Families in Nicaragua often struggle to cover the costs of basic school supplies and rarely have the luxury of being able to own books; public lending libraries are rare. At Fabretto's library, Leidy can check out and read as many books as she likes, and she's grown to be an avid reader.

5. CREATIVITY: “In [public school] class, we write and write and write, whereas in Fabretto enrichment classes we write, but we also have fun and let our imaginations go wild!” For Leidy, who dreams of becoming a writer when she grows up, Fabretto classes give her the chance to expand her horizons through arts & crafts, traditional folkloric dance lessons, and more.

Fabretto’s education programs empower Leidy and over 13,000 children and youth in Nicaragua to develop the skills they need to succeed.


Watch Education in Action
Volunteers Genis and Kait created a video to capture the joy of Fabretto’s after-school education programs. Watch our programs in action: